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Service is down because of system update

Service is down because of  system update 

please just wait.

Thanks in advance 

21st Oct 2019

Beast TV partially restored

As BEAST Official News: ****1 month has been added to all accounts! TODAY MARKS AN ACHIEVEMENT IN BEAST HISTORY!!! NEW APK DOWNLOAD - Please install this Android APK. It is the only working APP we have right now.  If you want to use an alternate APP which uses m3u please utilize ... Read More

25th Sep 2019

✅Substitute service for temp. use

For the beast still not restored,

we are now providing substitute service for temp. use, please visit https:/ to read details before you open a ticket applying for it. thanks 

23rd Sep 2019

❗system broken down

Service is down now Due to breakdown of  the server, all accounts can not be created, renewed or edited , No service can be ordered now, if you already paid, All your credit will be honoured and all your lost time will be made up . Please keep calm and wait . and there is still no ETA for the restoration. you can follow the link for ... Read More

18th Sep 2019

❌You might be overcharged, please check and contact. We apologize

❌Due to our system glitch, you may be  issued invoices and overcharged from Aug.26th to Aug.29th, we apologize for this. please open a ticket for support, We will provide some bonus service as reimbursement for this wrong charge. if you do need refund, please provide your PayPal account  or go to to create an invoice ... Read More

26th Aug 2019